Journey Home Hospice Windsor

The Windsor-Essex Story

Journey Home Hospice will be launching its first satellite hospice in late 2022.

We know that Canadians want to live and die at home, in their communities, surrounded by familiar locations, and loved ones. Journey Home Hospice launched in 2018 in the Toronto region, operated by Saint Elizabeth Foundation, in cooperation with founding partners, Inner City Health Associates and Hospice Toronto.

Responding to a growing need for services to assist people in the Windsor-Essex region experiencing homelessness and vulnerable housing, the new Journey Home Hospice satellite will consist of a three-bed residential hospice, hosted by Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario (ALSO) with assistance from the City of Windsor.

Similar to our Toronto location, the satellite hospice will be operated and funded by the Saint Elizabeth Foundation. Our model of care will be the same: providing our patients with high quality health care services and a safe, welcoming and caring environment for their end-of-life journey. A place based in the community, for the community.

Unlike other hospices in Canada, the satellite location of Journey Home Hospice will not receive any operational funding from the provincial government, relying entirely upon the generosity of the community to provide services for people in need.