End of Life Care

With a vision to honour the human face of health care, we are focused on:

  • Supporting a variety of residential hospices through local partnerships;
  • Delivering high quality palliative care education to health care providers and volunteers;
  • Expanding access to spiritual care, bereavement and family supports; and
  • Conducting research to understand and enhance end-of-life experiences.

The Foundation plays a key role in raising funds to strengthen community-based services and support people and families in their end-of-life journey.

Together with Saint Elizabeth, the Foundation has received two philanthropy awards from Hospice Palliative Care Ontario for its vision, financial support and dedication to fostering the true spirit of palliative care.

In 2018, we are proud to be launching The Journey Home Hospice, a 10 bed residential hospice to support people without a home who are at their end-of-life. In partnership with Inner City Health Associates and Hospice Toronto we're creating a safe and supportive space for end-of-life care where services will be tailored to meet the unique and complex needs of this population. To learn more about this initiative and how to get involved, visit www.journeyhomehospice.ca